Good question.  Great question in fact.

I’m not the quietest person in the world, I like to enjoy my work and hence enjoy the weddings I photograph.  This is my full-time mortgage paying job.  So, I want to enjoy it and work with like-minded couples.

Pre-wedding photography.

Some people are nervous, it’s understandable.  Some people have bad experiences of being in front of a camera (usually your mum ordering you to smile!). Some people just don’t think they are ‘photogenic’.

That’s why there is a pre-wedding photography session included in ALL my collections.  To help you feel at ease, to help us get to know each other, to look around the venue together and discuss what photographs may be in your head for your wedding.

If you want a stranger turning up to photograph your wedding, I’m not the wedding photographer for you.

I’m a photographer who helps.

That sometimes means I’ll get stuck in and help out when you need an extra pair of hands.  Sewing brides into dresses?  Ironing grooms shirts?  Carrying the lippy around all day for touch-ups? Shoe polish?  Eye lash glue?  Hair grips & hairspray?  Deodorant? Yeah, done all that and carry much more in my camera bags.  It’s amazing what you need during a wedding.

If you don’t value an organised professional, I’m not the wedding photographer for you.

Treasuring family memories

I love taking groups photographs.  They don’t take as long as you think if you are organised (and I’ll help you get organised) but they mean so much more after the wedding when you are looking back.  Especially those who may not be around in a few years.

If you are not bothered about group photographs and don’t want those memories, I’m not the wedding photographer for you.

I can use natural light or I can bring my own.

What does this mean?  Well living in the UK it gets dark early for 6 months of the year.  No problem for me – I can use external flash to give you really dramatic and powerful wedding art.  You want a late wedding?  Again, no issue for me.  You can check my work and some you can instantly spot as being used with flash.  Others… well, not so easy to spot.  This means I can work in any and all weathers, and turn seemingly bland spaces into amazing spaces.

If you don’t want a range of amazing wedding photographs despite the weather or venue, I’m not the wedding photographer for you.

No time frames

I pretty much shoot from prep – first dance, or if you are having fireworks or a sparkler exit until after then.  It’s not about the time; it’s about the photography.  Some weddings I win and leave after 10 hours.  Some weddings I lose and leave after 16 hours.  Same price.

If you want a wedding photographer who charges extra or leaves before the party starts, I’m not the wedding photographer for you.

Wedding Art

Wedding photographs should be printed in my opinion.  Waste of time getting outstanding Instagram busting wedding photographs if you don’t print them.

ALL of my wedding photography collections comes with some kind of album or print package that is included in the price.

If you don’t value prints and the memories they bring back, I’m not the wedding photographer for you.

Jaffa Cakes

I love them.  If you don’t like Jaffa Cakes then I’m, probably, not the wedding photographer for you. 😉