I will take approximately 1000 photographs during the 12 hours. Could be a few more; could be a few less. I don’t tend to just keep the shutter pressed down and hope for the best. You will receive a minimum of 450 of your fully edited and retouched wedding photographs that tell the story your wedding day.

Most weddings tend to be between 12 and 14 hours. We can sort out the exact timings when we meet to discuss your wedding in more detail. I’m not going to rush off by the way and I’m not going to rush you.  I’ll stay until we have everything you want.

As you can imagine I have a lot of experience at weddings and would be more than happy to help you plan your perfect day and suggest various trusted suppliers I work with regularly. I don’t charge more than a box of Jaffa Cakes for this help, so it’s a quite low cost.

I use professional Fuji cameras – Fuji XT3’s.  They are equipped with battery grips giving me extra long shooting before needing to replace batteries. Along with that, I have a variety of professional level lenses as well as extensive lighting equipment to allow me to photograph your wedding regardless of the weather conditions (that is if you don’t mind the weather conditions!)

Yes, professional and public liability insurance. Don’t book a supplier without insurance. Please ask if you wish confirmation of my insurance.

By the way – you should also get insurance for your wedding!

An ‘edited’ photograph is one that has been colour corrected, exposure corrected and possibly cropped to a more pleasing angle.

A ‘retouched’ wedding photograph is one that has had some extra special treatment applied such as skin smoothing, eye whitening, sky adjustments etc. All of my wedding photographs are fully retouched by hand by me.

Not for the online gallery.  I will remove them (if they are pretty easy to remove) for the album photographs once you have finalised the album design and layout.  Yes, I understand the photographs are “yours” (although technically the copyright belongs to me and you get a licence to print them) in return the tattoos and piercings are also yours. I realise that may sound harsh/tough/snotty / stuck up etc.  I factor into my wedding prices everything very carefully and that sadly doesn’t include the extra time to remove tattoos or piercings etc.

I will remove all the tattoos for an extra fee – I charge £125 per hour for Photoshop retouching which will be around 10 images depending on the editing required.

Nope. You are what you are.  If you have just had a baby I would remove a few lbs here and there to put you back to your normal size and shape.  If you have a shaving rash I’ll do what I can.  If you get cold sores or stress spots I’ll remove those. I also won’t remove tattoos or edit out piercings unless by prior written consent or by payment to retouch the photographs.

I use a company called nPhoto who are based in Poland.  They use a High Definition printer by Canon – The Dream Labo amongst other printing technology.  They provide me with an excellent quality product that I am sure you will love as much as I love them.  Have a look at some of the wedding albums.

I have two booking fees.

The booking fee is payable within 5 days of you saying you would like to book me.  I reserve the spot in diary.  After that 5 day period, I reserve the right to offer the date to other interested couples.

Yes.  10% discount.  I love Jaffa Cakes.  (I don’t share my Jaffa Cakes though – so make sure to let your wedding guests know!)

The balance of your wedding photography has to be paid within 4 weeks of your wedding date.  I will send out an invoice around the 8-week point and remind you at the six-week point and then again at the four-week point.

If you choose you can pay by instalments or deferred payments.

Of course.  Once the booking fee has been paid I split the balance into 6 equal parts and invoice you on an agreed schedule.  The last payment can be scheduled for 6 weeks after your wedding.

Yes.  This is my full-time job.  Pays the mortgage.  Pays the water, gas, electricity, mobile phone and more importantly pays the tax man.  etc.

I accept Cheques, Cash in brown envelopes handed over at midnight in dodgy carparks (you WILL get a receipt), PayPal and Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit cards.

The lowest price is £1175 and the highest is £2070.  Those are the set prices.  if you want something different we can chat further.  The average price my couples paid in 2019 was £1369, including a wedding album.  Most people upgrade the size of the album.

I will keep it safe and secure at all times.  I will not sell it to anyone nor give it to anyone.  I am pretty much as GDPR compliant as I can be for a small one-man business. My Privacy Policy is here.

I’m not a shrinking violet for a start. I like to enjoy my day and help out wherever I can.

I’m the bridesmaid you didn’t know you had.  I’m the hairspray carrier.  the makeup carrier. The deodorant carrier.  The sewing kit guy. The hairgrip carrier.  the crochet hook supplier. The blister kit and paracetamol guy.  In short, if you need it I’ve usually got it.

I’m not one of these “ninja” photographers who you never see or hear and who have trouble organising any group larger than 3 people.  I’m right there, helping you get the family and group photographs you want.

I use the latest in kit to give me the ability to turn a great looking wedding venue into a world-class wedding venue.  To turn the blandest of a landscape into a work of art. And to flirt outrageously with the pair of you to get real laughter and sparkle in your eyes.

Yeah, of course, you can.  It’s your wedding album.  Bear in mind though that my camera kit is pretty darn good.  Much better than your mobile phone.  So whilst you can put your own photographs in the album the quality may not be the same. I can’t be held responsible for that.

Na.  I’ve got masking tape and plastic cuffs for them!  Joking aside bring them along. I don’t share Jaffa Cakes, by the way, so if the kids and I may end up fighting over them if they see a box peeking out of my bag. I’ll apologise now for the noise and interruptions to the wedding.

yes.  I have four A2 blackboard signs you can use to inform and educate your guests not to take photographs but to enjoy the day.

Whatever you want.  You get a license to use them for personal use.  What that means is you can’t sell them – ‘cos that would be…strange…!

No!  That would be really weird.  Unicorns should be free to roam as they wish!  #freetheunicorns

Biggest – 250+ people.

Smallest – 4 including the couple and one witness.  I stood in for the other witness.

Easy – Singapore.

All my collections include a pre-wedding photography session.  Sometimes more if you need some extra help getting used to the cameras.  If I can make your day special and less stressful I will.

No.  But what I do do is make sure I pose you, coach you in looking your best.  Simple things you can do to help give you the confidence to look 100% all the time.  A simple pose, for instance, can take 10lbs off your figure easily. A change in angle can make you look much better.

Yes please.  12 hours is a long time to be working.  Nothing fancy – sarnie & crisps & soft drink.  If there is a spare meal going I can eat that, but I’ve had pack lunches brought in cute little cool boxes before and they were great!  Just don’t forget the Jaffa Cakes.

Jaffa Cakes.

I have a passport and spent my life travelling around the world.  Where are we going? (Don’t forget to pack the Jaffa Cakes – some places in the world have still not discovered them.)

Oh, this may be a long one.

Ok, so on the wedding day itself I shoot with 2 cameras.  Each camera has two memory cards and each memory card will hold a copy of the photograph.

Whenever I can during the day I will back up those memory cards onto my laptop and from my laptop to a portable hard drive.

When I get home, at whatever time, I backup the laptop via Apple Time Machine and the portable hard drive to my 8Tb NAS server with RAID5.

After editing & retouching, I upload the finished wedding photographs to an online gallery and send you the links.

The portable hard drive copy is only deleted once I’ve finished editing & retouching your wedding.

On the 8Tb NAS, I store my wedding in year order. RAW files, JPG files and Adobe Lightroom gallery for each wedding.

Each year will then get copied to two separate hard drives.  One copy is stored in my garage and the other copy in a neighbours garage.

I’m self-employed.  What time off?

Ok – I like to hill walk, spend time chilling reading historical novels and eating Jaffa Cakes.

Have a look at these reviews on Google

Heck yeah.  Weddings are the prime time for people to get dressed up and make an effort to travel miles for free food! I love group shots – I don’t really mind how many either.  I’m there with you for hours on the day so we don’t have to do them all at once.  A good tip is to get parents involved in the group shot selection.  Keeps them involved but at arms length… if you get me 😉

Possibly.  I’ve been around a bit.  If I haven’t then that is where the pre-wedding shoot comes in, and if we can’t manage that together I do a walk around of every venue before your wedding.

I’ve been doing this 14 years full time, and in that time around 450-500 weddings. Some years I worked my little ass off.  Others not so much.  Nowadays I stick to around 35 a year.

I’ve been a photographer for 25 years and I’d guess that over the full time of that career I’ve potentially done around 750-800 weddings.

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